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Central Coast Outfitters has been guiding hunts along the California coast since 1995. We offer hunts for Tule Elk, Roosevelt Elk, Black Tail Deer, Black Bear, Wild Turkey, , Gray Fox, Wild Boar, Quail and Dove. Central Coast Outfitters also offers hunts on the South Island of New Zealand. We offer hunts for Red Stag, Tahr, Chamois, Fallow Deer, Arapawa Ram, Hill Ram, Wapiti, Wild Boar and Alpine Goat.

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Our Hunts

Of all the great Spanish Ranchos that help make up California, there remains one that is relatively intact in Southern Monterey County. East of King City, 12 miles off Highway 101, hidden by the Gabilan Range, lays the Rancho San Lorenzo Peachtree. This grand old Rancho is one of the most beautiful and scenic ranches in the state. The beauty of this ranch in spring is unsurpassed. Wild flowers mixed with the green hillsides, along with the many lakes and ponds on this one of a kind ranch is a sight to behold. Add a spring turkey hunt to this and it will be a hunt you will never forget.

California Indians made this hidden valley a resting place during their annual migration to the Pacific Ocean. The Peachtree Ranch is approximately 50,000 acres. The Indians found plentiful numbers of game for hunting. Here were quantities of stone to form arrow heads for hunting.

Spanish Ranchos eventually gave way to the influence of the U. S. Dollar. The Peachtree Ranch became headquarters for cattle barons Miller and Lux. It was Miller and Lux who saved the Tule Elk from total extinction. You now have the opportunity to hunt these magnificent animals on a ranch where the very people that saved the elk, ran cattle.

During the late 1920’s the Peachtree Ranch became an escape for many famous cowboys of that era, like Tom Mix, Gene Autry and Will Rogers just to name a few.

Central Coast Outfitters offers spring turkey hunts in San Luis Obispo and Southern Monterey Counties. We have four private ranches that we hunt, two in San Luis Obispo County and two in Southern Monterey County. The season starts in the last weekend of March and ends the first weekend in May. The Central Coast of California is absolutely beautiful this time of year. These ranches are full of big toms in the spring. There is nothing quite like working a big old tom into range.

Our Fall turkey hunts are conducted on a beautiful ranch in San Benito County. On this hunt you stay right on the ranch in a wonderful lodge where you can see the San Benito River ambling along. This lodge has a huge living room with a fireplace, which is a great place to come in and relax after a day’s hunt. All suites have their own bathrooms; some suites have their own fireplace. In the afternoon and evening you can sit out on the porch and watch the big toms strut their way to the roost and most evenings you will hear the toms gobbling on their way to the roost from this wonderful lodge. This hunt is conducted on one of the most premier hunting properties on the Central Coast of California.

Mendocino County California is the diamond location of all Black Tail Deer Hunts. On this hunt one will see Black Tail Deer that dreams are made of, you will also see Black Bear, Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Otters, Salmon and Steelhead swimming up river to spawn. In the evening after the day’s hunt you can sit out on the porch of the cabin relax and listen to the river flowing below. Sometimes you can hear the Salmon and Steelhead beating their way up the river. In the morning it is not uncommon to see bear and deer right from the cabin before you’ve had a chance to have that first cup of coffee. This hunt offers the hunter a chance at a record book black tail on the same hunt. The beauty of the Mendocino Mountains this time of year is absolutely marvelous from spectacular sunsets to the leaves turning color. We have taken bucks that score from 135 SCI to 175 SCI. Tags are very limited for these hunts so you will need to book early and you will also need to purchase your B-Zone tag early.

season starts in late October and ends February 28, with the best time being December, January & February. We take some very nice tom s. We have four ranches that we hunt s on. Two ranches are in Southern Monterey County, and two in Santa Barbara County. We are running at 99% success rate even without the use of dogs.

Our deer hunts are conducted in the southern portion of the A-Zone in Santa Barbara County. We are running a 100% success rate on this deer hunt. On this ranch we also conduct hunts for wild boar, s, quail, and dove. Pig hunts are offered year round. Hunting wild boar is a great hunt for a novice or a veteran hunter. All hunts with the exception of deer hunts have a two person minimum. Quail season starts in late October and ends in late January. All hunters are required to use non lead ammunition on this 25,000 acre ranch.

For the big game hunter there is nothing that can stir the heart more than the roar from a big Red Stag. To see one of these majestic and noble animals on the mountain side with his harem of hinds is a sight to behold. Each Stag is unique and magnificent in his own way.

Some of the largest Red Stags taken in the world are coming from New Zealand. You will see, and have the opportunity to study many stags during your hunt. All Stags will be scored using the SCI scoring system. Your guide will estimate the approximate score of each stag while you are hunting.

One of the most interesting animals in New Zealand is the mighty Tahr. Tahr are one of the toughest animals that call New Zealand home. Most people think that the only way to successfully pursue Tahr is with the aid of a helicopter; this is simply not true. We offer a world class foot hunt for this beautiful and amazing animal. Our hunt takes place on private land; we can tailor this wonderful hunt to fit anyone’s physical capabilities.

The beauty of the area that we hunt is breathtaking. The views and mountains are truly amazing; you won’t ever forget this hunt. Remember to bring a good camera you will need it. Historically our Tahr average 12.7 inches and are approximately 7 to 8 years of age.

The European Fallow Deer is one of the world’s most beautiful deer. They have large palmated antlers. We have taken bucks with as many as 20 points or more. During the rut (April, May) the bucks become very aggressive fighters. These unique deer come in several color phases ranging from white to coal black. This is a trophy animal you won’t want to pass up while in New Zealand.

The Alpine Chamois is one of the largest sub species of the 10 sub species in the world, and is found on the South Island. A hunt for the Alpine Chamois is a wonderful experience filled with beautiful scenery and spectacular views. There is an opportunity to hunt Chamois either on foot or by helicopter. The helicopter hunt is absolutely spectacular; you will see some the most beautiful scenery on the face of the earth. You will see snowcapped peaks and ice glaciers grinding their way along. This will be a hunt you never ever forget.

All these animals make great add on hunts while you are on your hunt of a lifetime.

  • The Arapawa is a unique and interesting breed of sheep and makes a great hunt for either the novice or veteran hunter.
  • The same can be said of the Alpine Goat.
  • While in New Zealand don’t overlook a hunt for Wapiti (Elk).
  • There are some truly monstrous Rocky Mountain Elk in the land of the Kiwi.
  • A hunt for Wild Boar is a great hunt and it doesn’t matter what part of the globe you’re on.